Bob Nudd

Clifford Smoothy Masterclass Day



Cliff had booked me for the day to improve his skills with the pole. His good friend Paul Walters had also come along for the day. The wonderful Decoy Lakes near Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire was the chosen venue. Diane the owner had kindly allowed both of them to use keepnets.

It was a cold spring morning with a strong easterly wind. The early pegs on Beastie lake gave some shelter so I decided we would fish there.

With water temperatures around 6C I thought it would be quite tough so extra care needed to be taken with feeding. Some well soaked 2mm Van Den Eynde hard feed carp pellets are usually best in this situation. Drip feeding with a small pot on one line at about 10 mts and then feeding another line every hour with about 100 mls of bait.

Hook bait in the first hour was 2 red maggots. Cliff was the first to catch, 2 1lb skimmers in quick succession. Paul also started to catch skimmers. A switch to 4mm expander pellets on the hook improved the action and quality. And the last 2 hours was really hectic for both anglers with carp, F1’s and skimmers coming to the net.

We left the bank just after 4pm Cliff having caught close to 70lbs and Paul well over 50lbs


Here some pictures:

A beautiful 8lb common carp

A beautiful 8lb common carp

A big F1 almost 4lbs

A big F1 almost 4lbs

IMG_2494IMG_2500 (2)IMG_2502A mirror carp close to 10lbs

A mirror carp close to 10lbs